Thursday, December 18, 2008

Notoriously Criminal Scientology Cult Recruiting Criminals

"We are the authorities on getting people off drugs. We are the authorities on the mind. We are the authorities on improving conditions. Criminon. We can rehabilitate criminals. We can bring peace and unite cultures. That once you know these tools and you know that they work, it's not good enough that I'm just doing okay.”

That’s what actor Tom Cruise said in a now notorious leaked recruitment video Watch Video that was intended to be viewed only by existing Scientology customers. Full Transcript

While to the rest of us the lengthy, bizarre rant evidences a profound and delusional insanity of a highly brainwashed cultist yet to Scientology’s dwindling number of remaining customers the bizarre rant is interpreted to be further evidence to disregard the failures of their own involvement with the Scientology Corporation and to continue to tough it out no matter how obvious Scientology hasn’t worked in their own lives.

But there’s a more sinister side to the bizarre rant once the amusement factor is set aside and the cultist’s comments are evaluated with the perspective of the overall core criminality of Scientology.

The Scientology Corporation’s notorious “NarCONon” fake front is the “authorities on getting people off drugs,” something that’s ironic given the fact that the Scientology Corporation routinely lies claiming that their “NarCONon” really isn’t Scientology some how.

The Scientology Corporation’s not-so-well-known “Criminon” fake front that Cruise mentions is what Cruise is talking about when he says, “We can rehabilitate criminals,” and that’s one of the more sinister aspects of the criminal enterprise that should be just as disturbing as the cult’s “NarCONon” frauds, scams, and quack medical crimes.

Several years ago the Scientology Corporation had tried to whip-up their “Criminon” fake front, trying to make what appeared to be a virtually non-existent scam look real and more active. Scientology’s efforts to sell the fake front out in the real world had never been very successful since the Corporation focuses on their much more profitable “NarCONon” frauds.

Scientology had managed to infiltrate themselves in to a number of actual prisons within California, always by lying about who and what they were and always under numerous pretexts, all of which were either felonies or otherwise violations of State law.

Since Scientology had been successful at racketeering their way in to some prisons, the fact of that infiltration was considered to be a real and obvious threat to the health, safety, and life of human rights advocate and futurist Mr. Keith Henson who was the victim of Riverside County’s District Attorneys’ Offices’ corruption and faced a year in prison for racketeering crimes committed against him by Scientology crime bosses at Gilman Hot Springs, California, the criminal enterprise’s heavily armed and fortified cult compound.

Since Scientology had made an effort to try to rebuild their “Criminon” scam, I and my brother got on-line and downloaded all of the claimed business addresses from Scientology web sites for the Southern California region, dumped the list to paper, plotted their satellite coordinates to paper, and then set out to visit each claimed office one by one.

What we found was that Scientology’s “Criminon” actually didn’t exist as any kind of secretly-Scientological charity, business offices, or any physical entity. That wasn’t a surprise since we had known “Criminon” was run out of the same Scientology business offices that the admittedly Scientology offices. The syndicate’s “NarCONon” scam at lkeast has actual physical offices however their “Criminon” frauds were all being run from their self-proclaimed “church” offices.

Most of the “Criminon” facilities that the Scientology Corporation claimed to exist were Post Office box numbers in various cities and the rest either did not exist at all in any form or they were residential addresses.

We visited several residential addresses and talked with the people who were available and in every singe instance the people living at the addresses that Scientology claimed to be “Criminon facilities” the people living there had no idea what we were asking about. Not a single one of them had anything to do with Scientology, “Criminon,” “NarCONon,” or any other well known Scientology scam.

In the past there had been Judges in Southern California who had sentenced minor offenders to sign on with Scientology’s “Criminon” front, not knowing that it didn’t actually exist. We visited one such Judge in his chambers in West Covina and informed him that the business address he had been sentencing people to was in fact a Real Estate office. We provided photographs of the building complete with address, much to the anger of the Judge who realized he had been duped.

The last claimed offices that we visited were in Studio City, Scientology’s claimed “Criminon International Headquarters.” What we found was an envelope-stuffing operation consisting of a single office within an office complex (owned by two know Scientology ringleaders) which had a photocopier, FAX machine, and a large number of cardboard boxes filled with books, pamphlets, and papers.

In the front step of Scientology’s “International Headquarters” was a pile of garbage someone had simply set outside consisting of half-eaten food from a fast food restaurant from across the street from the office complex.

The building itself was filthy with mud accumulated in corners of the two-story building, peeling paint and stucco, dying plants in planters, and in all a shoddy example of a criminal scam that had not managed to make enough money to depict itself as anything other than a scam.

After doing a complete survey of all claimed “Criminon” offices we posted out results to the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup where discussion about the survey focused upon the fact that the fake front was a failure despite having managed to dangerously infiltrate Scientology in to a few prisons. The threat was real but inasmuch as the scam consisted 90% of advertizing efforts to build up the scam, the threat wasn’t as serious as Scientology’s “NarCONon” crimes.

Scientology attempts to recruit criminals in to their criminal enterprise for all the obvious reasons associated with more traditional organized criminal enterprises. Scientology’s dwindling customer base makes finding people willing to commit some of their more serious crimes harder and harder. Using their “Criminon” fake front Scientology had hoped to recruit hard-core criminals from within prisons, a scheme that worried authorities in Ireland once local human rights activists exposed the scam there.

The lesson here is one of vigilance. Scientology increasingly wants and needs to recruit criminals willing to commit the usual crimes the Corporation is well known for, underlings who are willing to commit the crimes and go to prison for Scientology, leaving the criminal enterprise’s top ringleaders and crime bosses free from prosecution for the crimes they order to be committed.

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